What are the Dimensions of the Different Models?

Large Charcoal
Height: 120cm x Width: 146cm x Depth: 65cm
Weight: 46 kg
Cooking Area: 64 x 38 cm

Height: 120cm x Width: 146cm x Depth: 65cm
Weight: 50 kg
Cooking Area: 64 x 38 cm

BarbeSkew II
Height: 86 cm x Width: 66 cm x Depth: 44 cm
Cooking Area: 46 x 30cm
Weight: 23 kg

How do I keep the charcoal tray clean?

We recommend that you put tin foil inside the charcoal tray (turkey baco-foil is ideal for the larger model). This will make life much easier when cleaning it out the next day. It will also give your charcoal tray longevity.

How can I get a more authentic smoky taste from my gas BarbeSkew?

If you feel the flavouriser bars are not sufficient for giving you that smoky taste, then you can buy a smoke box. These can be found online or at any garden centre. It is a tin box with woodchips inside and can be used on both charcoal models and gas. Once the box heats up it releases a lovely aroma which flavours the meat. There are a wide selection of woodchip aromas.

What is the purpose of the flavouriser bars for the gas model?

These are used to protect the stainless steel burners and to ensure there is no flare up when the fat drops onto them. The fat will vapourise when it hits the flavouriser bar and then release a smoke. This smoke will enhance the flavour of the meat.

What are the flavouriser bars made from?

They are made of rolled sheet steel and coated in porcelain enamel which is the same coating for the lid. This is enamel paint infused with glass and is very robust at high temperatures.

Where do I store the gas cylinder bottle?

There is a shelf under the gas barbeskew and you can snugly fit a 5.5 kilos bottle underneath. Anything bigger must be stored to the side. Please note that the compartment underneath is for storage purposes only. When using the barbeskew, always have the cylinder to the side.

What is the best way to keep the bottom of the gas BarbeSkew clean?

Although there is a fat tray underneath the base of the barbeskew, we recommend that you use a sheet of tin foil to cover the bottom of the base (underneath the burners), to make life easier when cleaning. However please ensure you change the foil once the fat has cooled. DO NOT reuse it for another barbeskew, as it could catch fire!

What temperature does the gas BarbeSkew reach?

The gas BarbeSkew is different from the traditional gas models on the market. It burns less heat than a regular BBQ because of the rotisserie element. If the heat was too hot then the food would burn. The temperature gauge should never reach anymore than 150 degrees centigrade or 290 Farenheit.

Which gas is best for the BarbeSkew?

The regulator is for Patio gas only. This is the green bottle. We do not recommend using any other gas or changing the regulator as we can not guarantee what will happen as you will be changing the factory settings.

Patio gas is an infusion of propane (hot) and butane (cooler) and can be found at any D.I.Y. store or garden centre.

How do I know how long to keep the food on the BarbeSkew BBQ?

You will find that because the food rotates you can keep it on for longer, but also the cooking times can be quicker due to the fact that the heat from the metal skewers helps cook from the inside out as well as the outside in. The following is a rough guide of timings and we always advise to use a food temperature probe to measure the inside temperature of the food to ensure it is cooked all the way through. There is an excellent probe available on our accessories page: barbeskew.com/accessories

Why should I choose a rotisserie bbq over a traditional grill bbq?

Two of the common problems with traditional grill barbecues are food coming off the barbecue burnt and food coming off the barbecue pink and raw in the middle. Whilst all the traditional bbq experts will state this never happens to them, the BarbeSkew barbecue is fool-proof – you get perfect barbecue food every time – GUARANTEED – without needing a university degree in barbecuing!

Why does the food not burn on the BarbeSkew BBQ?

Because the food is constantly rotating, this means that the food on the kebab skewers and the food held in the cage skewers does not burn. In fact the rotisserie means the food cooks in its own juices leaving the meat tender and moist (have you tried the rotisserie chickens in the supermarkets?) It is then this moisture that absorbs the smoke giving the food the best ever barbecue flavour in the world.

Why does the BarbeSkew BBQ cook the food more thoroughly?

Because the food does not burn as on a traditional barbecue, the food tends to be left on the BarbeSkew BBQ longer meaning that the food is cooked thoroughly all the way through. Of course, you should still always check that the meat is cooked properly, before removing it from the BarbeSkew.

How does the charcoal tray raise and lower on the Charcoal BarbeSkew?

The charcoal tray raises and lowers through the handle on the right hand side of the Charcoal BarbeSkew BBQ. When the coals have just been lit and they are at their hottest, the charcoal tray can be lowered so that the heat intensity from the charcoal does not burn the food. Essentially, the tray mechanism allows you to control the heat intensity of the Charcoal BarbeSkew BBQ in the same way you would control the heat intensity on the Gas BarbeSkew BBQ by turning the gas control knobs.

Does the charcoal tray on the BarbeSkew II raise and lower?

No. Because of the size limitations of the BarbeSkew II, the charcoal tray simply sits on the base of the body. However since everything rotates, the food does not burn. However the charcoal tray does lift out meaning it can be cleaned easily – we recommend that you line the charcoal tray with silver foil prior to lighting the charcoal as this makes it simple to clean the next day.

Which is the most appropriate model for me – the top-of-the range Charcoal BarbeSkew or the smaller BarbeSkew II?

The Charcoal BarbeSkew is our best selling barbecue as the majority of people require a barbecue for parties where they will be feeding family and friends. With the larger BarbeSkew, you can just use half of it to cook for your family, or use the full blown BarbeSkew to cook for up to 20 guests.
The charcoal BarbeSkew II is ideal for couples or for people that just have a very small balcony or small patio. It is also ideal where it will just be used for a small family of up to four.

How do the BBQ skewers rotate?

There are two sets of skewers. The front set comprise 9 shorter kebab skewers, and these skewers fit into the skewer rack at the rear of the BarbeSkew BBQ, which is driven by a battery motor at the centre rear. The 9 kebab BBQ skewers are made to rotate together by a series of cogs driven by the centre cog. There are 7 kebab skewers on the BarbeSkew II.

Can we use both rotisseries (the motor on the side and the motor on the back) at the same time?

No, the two BBQ cage skewers in their normal lowest position do not work at the same time as the nine kebab skewers as they clash, but one BBQ cage skewer can be used in the upper position of the side skewer rack at the same time as the nine kebab skewers. On the BarbeSkew II, there is no upper position on the side skewer rack, and so all three methods of cooking (small kebabs, BBQ cage skewers and traditional grill) can only be used independently.

Is a traditional grill included with each and every BarbeSkew?

Yes, a traditional Half grill with two wooden black resin handles which are dishwasher friendly is included with the Large Charcoal model and the Gas model. The BarbeSkew II comes with a full grill. However you can purchase additional half grills for each model. The half grill gives you more flexibility with grilling and using half the kebab skewers at the same time.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries have been timed to last for 50 hours, using 2 x D type batteries. So each motor will run independently for 50 hours, which if a barbecue lasts for 2 hours, will run for 25 barbecues. However if you use a high quality battery like Duracell, we have found the batteries last much longer – between 80 to 100 hours.

Can I have the BarbeSkew assembled for me?

Yes but this is based on our availability during our busy season. The assembly charge is £100 for locations 100 miles from Brighton. There is a surcharge based on the transport cost for other areas of the UK. We do encourage you to build your own BarbeSkew BBQ – the instructions are very clear, but if due to disability or some other reason you would like us to build it, we will be very happy to do this for you.

Is there a warranty?

Yes there is a standard one year warranty which is increased free-of-charge to a ‘Bronze’ two year warranty when you register your details. Please note, this warranty does not cover faults which are the result of improper use of the BarbeSkew BBQ. These are not considered as manufacturing faults.

How do the cage skewers clamp shut?

We have recently improved the closing mechanism on the cage skewers on the BarbeSkew – they used to use 2 small clips to keep the lid of the cage closed, however we have now moved over to using one large bulldog clip in the middle of the cage skewer. This new single clip and the stronger hinges have had excellent feedback to date.

Are the short skewers dishwasher proof?

Yes. All accessories have black resin handles and can go into the dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher then kebab skewers are easy to clean anyway. All you need is hot soapy water and an abrasive washing up sponge. Please note you should never use wire wool as this is too abrasive and could damage the chrome plating.

How do I clean the cage skewers?

If you have the larger models (Charcoal & Gas), then all the accessories (apart from the cages), can NOW be placed in the dishwasher as all the handles are made of black resin and are dishwasher friendly. However the cages for the larger models are too long for the dishwasher, so use a 80cm gardening trough from any D.I.Y. store or garden centre.

Do I need to buy a cover?

In a word, yes. The high quality UV protected BarbeSkew cover will not only protect the two motors, but will also ensure the extended life of your BarbeSkew BBQ.