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Mike Jennings & Samantha Paddon

Firstly I would like to thank you for managing to get the Barbeskew to me so quickly, I ordered this late Wednesday night and I received it Friday afternoon, Brilliant, also the delivery company kept me up to date and gave me a 3 hour window so I didn’t have to wait in all day, so 5 Stars for communication and delivery,

Secondly I would like to say that I used the Barbeskew the weekend and I am totally impressed by it, this is the best BBQ I have ever used and I have had a few, it is so easy to use and the quality of the cooking I don’t think will be beating. I have looked and I can honestly say there is nothing I can complain about. Again this is a 5 Star BBQ and I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Thanks again for the great service and brilliant BBQ unit.

David and Janet Barlow

Thank you for you rapid response to our cry for help. The replacement wheels arrived and were fitted yesterday in no time at all. The quality of these latest wheels far surpasses the original ones and we are so grateful for them. They should give years of service.

Janet and I are so pleased with your back-up service and would like to thank you again.

Matt Fordham

We didn’t hear about you, we were at the Grand designs show in the Excel, and stumbled across the Barbeskew stand, Ed was very helpful, showed us the workings, planted a seed basically.and a couple of days later we bought it.

Its been literally a roaring success, no pun intended, I love bbqs, and am a legend in our area for serving up raw or burnt food, that’s all changed, nobody will believe I am involved in the BBqs lately, as it’s as if Jamie Oliver rocked up to cook, the food is so succulent, a metamorphosis for our guests of old, numbers of guests were dwindling!!

Mark Cox


I’ve owned my BarbeSkew since the summer of 2011 and its produced the best cooking results.
Using restaurant grade charcoal which lasts 4hrs combined with being able to slowly raise the charcoal tray, cooking joints of meat is fantastic and tastes amazing even without any added herbs or spices due to the top lid that keeps all the flavours within. Its a must have for any BBQ lover! Regards Mark

Andrew Rhodes

“Charcoal and rotisserie is best”

I’ve been been barbecuing for many many years and consider myself fairly experienced. The knowledge gained has taken many many years of using different types of BBQ’s from simple charcoal grills through to more advanced charcoal BBQ’s and many different sorts of gas machines. Also of course the experience of cooking with different meats with varying fat content takes time and in the early years, burnt food!
I have now been using the Barbeskew for a year and this machine has everything. Quite simply, good meat cooked over charcoal, cannot be beaten but the Barbeskew has some tricks to ensure you don’t ruin the meat. Being able to raise and lower the charcoal tray to vary the heat and stop the meat getting flamed is brilliant, the rotisserie system with 3 positions gives additional adjustment and then being able to shut the lid to smoke the meat, delivers a brilliant combination of all the things you need to ensure quality cooking.
Of course there is also nothing like it for your guests to come to a BBQ and see a beautiful piece of meat, on a rotisserie basting in its own juices. Quite simply a 5 star machine and a 5 star experience for all.

Roy Moore

I have a gas version. Think it’s maybe 3 years old. I’m sort of reliant on it as I use it 3 times a day LOL.

I love the BBQ, it did break down once and the guy that actually invented it came around to fix it. Lovely chap. I can’t understand why everyone hasn’t got one. It cooks chickens in half the time of my oven and allot nicer. Did my bacon and sausages on it this morning.

Roy (just wanted you to know how amazing the product is from a long time user)

Steve and Erica Greaves

We brought a barbeskew the first year it was available at the Ideal Home Exhibition and as a seasoned barbeque fanatic for many years I’ve discovered the best possible way to traditional barbeque ever. I would never ever look any where else because I know there is nothing better.

Footnote by Ed: Steve said he’d had over 300 bbqs on his BarbeSkew since he’d bought it 3 years ago.

Paul Goldberg, Alexandria, New South Wales

Hi Ed

Must admit I am a real fan and a BBQ junkie/snob.

Love My Barbeskew, use it twice a week. Recon I have sold 10 units for you.

Catch is when I am done, I lift out the tray and leave it to cool. Sometimes it rains. This is the third tray I am going on to.

Will try your advice with the foil.

Happy to buy from BBQ store if it can be included.

I am moving house in December and will be replacing my Barbeskew then.


Patrick & Corinne

We bought one of your large barbeskews at the Grand Design event at the NEC a couple of years ago. It has been a great success. It cooks meat perfectly and its great when you need to entertain a lot of people. A great purchase on our part. A great product on yours.


We purchased this 2 years ago and have since enjoyed many perfectly cooked steaks, chicken, ribs, burgers, pork tenderloins and sausages and vegetables to name a few. Meat cooks evenly,browns beautifully on the outside while remaining succulent and juicy on the inside. No need to start in oven and finish on bbq. We can socialize with guests while food turns and bastes itself to perfection! Well done and may you sell many more.


Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent service and to confirm receipt of my BB2 today

Belinda and Gianni

OMG – just barbeskewed 2 chickens and they were AMAZING! took just over an hour and they were delicious – will definitely do again! thanks

David Thomas

I bought the small Barbeskew on impulse then wondered if I had made a mistake. Just cooked my first meal on it and all doubts have been removed. It is the best bar-b-q I have had; sausages, beef-burgers and chicken pieces were cooked right through, very moist and not the slightest bit burnt. An excellent design and I hope you sell many more.

Adam Hughes

Just to let you know I am still absolutely chuffed to bits with my machine and remain your best owner / refer sales man! It is still the no.1 BBQ on the market to provide evenly cooked food.

Hope you are continuing to do well and spring brings you plentiful orders.


hi. just got around to taking the bbq out of the box. very impressed with the quality of materials used …. the product is great.



Just dropping you a line to let you know I received the Barbeskew II and tested it out at the weekend. The results were fantastic and I am absolutely delighted with my purchase.

Mick & Carole Maynard

When we needed to renew our bbq we looked around but could not see anything we liked. We met you at the South of England Show and you explained how simple the barbeskew was to use. My wife was not keen on the conventional ones, so after a good long think about it, we decided to invest in one. It was the best thing we ever did!! The food is cooked to perfection, it never burns like the other ones. Everyone that has come to our bbq all agree its the best they have ever tasted. You just stand there and it turns itself.

Thankyou for persuading us to invest in one.

Rod Williams

Hi There

I would like to say how happy I am with the Barbeskew which I bought three years ago. It has made barbequing a joy ever since and has stood up to some pretty constant use since I got it. I have recommended it to anyone who will listen.

Bobby Knutt

I have been a bbq nut for many years now & have had my own cookery show on Central TV many years ago now. I have just bought the big BBskew charcoal & it is an amazing piece of kit. I had a mechanically minded buddy to help me assemble it(thank God,)I wasn’t very good at Meccano as a lad. The food is the best I have ever tasted owing to the steadily rotating food on either the main rotisserie or the amazing kebab cooker. The company are wonderfully helpful & their after sales service is faultless.I wish I was 20 yrs younger so that I could enjoy this delightful new method of impressing my fellow gourmets for a lot longer. Its the best thing I’ve ever bought in the big world of cookery.

Mavis Dale

At last I have had the time to tell you about the fantastic hog roast I served cooked to perfection on the gas barbeskew last weekend. This is the largest roast I have attempted and it turned out juicy, tender with superb crackling and everyone at the party was overwhelmed at how simple it was to cook. The hog took just about five and a half hours to cook on a medium high temperature then I took it off the spit removed the skin and wrapped the hog in foil to continue cooking.

Mike Cheetham


Firstly I’m really pleased with my barbeskew. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and have had a total of 3 bbq’s on it, all of which have been a great success.

It’s seems a well engineered bit of kit. I personally found it fairly straight forward to assemble as well. I’ve also been impressed with the aftercare and the ability to buy spares and accessories. In fact I’ve just ordered another set of skewers!


Excellent, thank you very much!

May I let you know how extremely impressed I am with the company, the product, and most of all the customer service.


Happy New Year! I hope that all is going well for you and Ed with your amazing BarbeSkew. Buying ours has proven to be one of the best purchases we’ve ever made (aside from those menial essentials in life like a house and a car!)

The BarbeSkew makes a huge difference when we’re entertaining outdoors and although we only bought it in September, we still managed to get plenty of use out of it before we tucked it away for winter. We even ‘BBSkewed’ on Bonfire Night! Jacket Potatoes rotated are delicious when using it.

Mark, Australia

The BarbeSkew is great and its my preferred charcoal BBQ at the moment (of six that I own!).


Many thanks for the extra accessories for our BarbeSkew, they arrived Saturday morning and we made full use of them!

The poussins roasted perfectly on the top whilst the monkfish wrapped in bacon cooked on the lower skewers. We also re heated to perfection individual salmon quiches on that back shelf !!! Many thanks again for the excellent service.


Thanks for your e-mail and for your prompt attention.

We used our new BarbeSkew on Saturday and were delighted with the results. The food was well cooked yet succulent. We used a couple of the recipes supplied which were delicious. When we finished cooking there was still a considerable amount of charcoal left so we decided to cook a whole chicken and once again we had an excellent result. No doubt about it the BarbeSkew is probably the easiest and best way to BBQ.


hi there well as requested we are updating you on our first cooking experiences. lighting was no problem we used two bags as suggested.used all small skewers and one cage on top position when sm /ske were ready a second cage was added and both moved to lower positions.only problem is we did not have cages at 90 and they touched but realised this and moved one.no black and charred food so compliments all round. when both motors were used we forgot batteries so short delay while some were found again. second meal was roasted chicken again no problems other than me not reading instructions lesson now learned.bird took about 45 mins and was spot on.the general boys chat over my new toy was very positive so happy days!!


Many thanks for your phone call yesterday, it was appreciated, I hope you did well at the show you attended.

We had our bbq yesterday, despite the torrential downpours we endured! I wanted to let you know that our friends as well as us agreed that we had never eaten such lovely bbq’d food, I’m pleased we bought the charcoal one as we believe it does give the food a better flavour. You can guarantee we shall be recommending your product to anyone that will listen


Just to let you know that as a keen barbecue cook for many years, I am impressed an delighted with the Barbeskew II. Everything we have tried on it has been a huge success and I will strongly recommend your products to all my friends and family.

Thanks again for the help.

Chris and Cynthia

Hope the Great Yorkshire Show was a success for you. You probably don’t remember but we purchased the Barbeskew 2 off you on the Wednesday, Cynth I think told you we would be back and we were.

Our Barbeskew arrived on Friday late lunch (instead of Monday as arranged) but no problem as I had followed the progress on the carriers website and realised it was going to be delivered that day, I telephoned the carriers and they confirmed delivery between 12 and 2 that day.

By three thirty it was built and waiting to be fired up but as we had other commitments BS had to wait until Saturday.

Within 2.5 hours cooking time, I had done 6 fish kebabs (starters), one whole chicken and six sausages all cooked perfectly, All I can say is that it performed Brilliantly, thank you,

Next time I will add some soaked wood chippings and smoke the fish at the same time, this will extend the cooking time, but, that taste.

Once again, hope it was a successful show.


I have to say that the Barbeskew has been working overtime in the last couple of weeks due to various birthday and house warming celebrations and all of our guests have been very impressed by it. I have also enjoyed all the praise regarding the “beautifully cooked food” – luckily only you and I know that it is the barbeskew that makes this possible every time and not my culinary skills but I shall keep that firmly under my hat, for the time being anyway.

Thank you again for your continued excellent customer service and good luck with your up and coming exhibitions.

Sue & Tony

I purchased your Barbeskew11 at Ardingly on 9th. Assembled it after delivery on 13th [I did it myself and I’m a woman !!!] Just shows how easy it is to assemble. Absolutely love it, had BBQ that evening, food was so much tastier than on our normal flat griddles,
hands free,no hassle & more time for wine and socialising.

Many thanks for your polite, prompt and efficient service, wishing you even more success.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

The chickens , ribs, burgers and sausages were cooked very well, tasted wonderful, and I could watch the snooker while they were in the Barbeskew! Just the job!

And – I have had a thought, and an experiment will follow – I am going to try different types of wood on the skewers to generate different smoke flavours! Cedar and Oak are going to be my first experiments! (Although I am not sure proper smoke could be generated at the heat I used to cook yesterdays food!) I will keep you posted via Facebook!

Thanks again! (I will let Duncan Bannatynes kids know how good it is (they attend my school) and maybe word will get back on what he has missed out on!)


Had a BBQ last night – the only problem is being hands free you tend to drink too much !! Otherwise – great !!!

Pat & Bernie

This is just to let you know we bought the BBQ at just the right time, the weather is glorious and we are putting it to full use.
Thanks for the aftercare, we have been bragging about it to all our friends and recommending it to all.
Hope business continues to grow.


We have now used the BarbeSkew twice, once with the rotisserie and once with the kebab skewers. On both occasions the results were excellent, with a nice even colouring on the outside of the food and the inside fully cooked. We also cooked with the lid down, which gave everything a delicious smokey flavour, just how barbecued food should taste. Bertie the BarbeSkew Bear looked on enviously, but we reminded him he was only supposed to eat honey and marmite sandwiches. All we need now are lots more warm, sunny days to enjoy barbecues, could you possibly add these to your product range –I bet the Dragons Den would be impressed!


It was great meeting you at the show. Please see some pictures attached. You are a legend and the bbq you invented is trully amazing. I wish your business all the best. I think i left a feedback last year on the website, but i can do it again, no problem. I can check the market and the interest in bbq’s in Ukraine, if you are interested.


Thank you so much for your assistance today and the quick purchase, and special thanks to Carey for getting the Barbeskew to our flat.

I have immediately assembled it and it is now on the terrace fully set up, waiting for good weather next weekend to be tried for the first time!


I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have bought the Barbeskew, I have been looking for a product like this for years. There is no doubt that this will make you millionaires and I don’t know what happened on Dragons Den but I can tell you….. I’m in!


There is no hurry for the BBQ so next week would be fine.

Also i just have to mention how professional your service is compared to most companies we have to deal with. Keep up the good work.


I was looking for a BBQ with a rotisserie and my partner found your website. The BarbeSkew looked to be what I was looking for and I bought a gas one from you last year using it throughout the summer. Not just for weekend BBQs but also during the week to cook dinner.

The product is great, the service is excellent and the aftercare service is second to none. When I had an issue there was no quibble, Ed personally ensured I received the replacement part and called to make sure I was completely satisfied. Big companies could learn a lot from Eds level of service.

Thanks Ed I am extremely happy with my BarbeSkew and the level of service I have received and would recommend your product to everyone who is looking for a fantastic barbeque.


Thank you very much for sending two new cage skewers, they look excellent can’t wait to use them this is a big improvement on the old cage, it’s nice to see your business evolve, your customer care is second to none


Thank you for the recent newsletter and wish you all a very happy Christmas and fantastic New Year. I also wish to thank you for all the support I’ve received since purchasing a BarbeSkew & hope your company will always be successful.

Ian and Betty

We would just like to reiterate our delight with the Barbeskew II we purchased and with the tremendous customer service before, during and since the purchase. We are particularly grateful (and impressed!) by the fact that you are willing to drive 200 miles on a sunday in response to our request for technical assistance. What more could any customer wish for?

All the best to yourself, your colleagues and your business too!


We have had a few problems with an early design of the barbeskew, but we were absolutely amazed with the speed that Ed and Carey responded to our e mail, and actually made a visit to our home on the Isle of Wight to rectify them. I can honestly say that we have never witnesed such good customer service anywhere, ever. Nothing was too much trouble. Modifications were made free of charge, problems fixed, and advice on how to care for our barbeskew was given.


many thanks for asking

i am the bbq king in my area
all were very impressed with the way it cooked2 x pork joints to absolute perfection
best bbq we have ever had, lots more to follow
a brilliant piece of kit
thanks very much


I’m please to say, I used the Barbeskew for the first time today. I have to say, it was pleasurable exprience. It was indeed the easiest outdoor cooking I have ever taken part in.
I used the rotating cages for home made burgers, and shop bought sausages – all cooked through in less than 30 mintues and tasted supberb.

A great product – thank you.


I would just like to say what a fab bbq. I have loads of bbq’s in the past but got brought a barbeskew july 2009 and would never use anything else. it’s so easy to use and the food is the best bbq food me and my family have ever tasted. I would and will recommend this product to everyone. I would also like to say the customer service is second to none.

Mike & Diane

Hello to you all at Barbeskew.

My Wife purchased your product (Barbeskew II) against my wishes.
I do not like barbequed food (as it tends to be burnt in places), my Wife is always worried about undercooked meat.
So a barbeque was a ridiculous item for us (so I thought)
However we tried it out last Friday (11th. September 2009) the meat was cooked beautifully
I enjoyed my very first barbeque (we are both the wrong side of 60) and my Wife had no fears of undercooked meat.

We did however have a problem with the rotating baskets catching as they rotated.
Mr. Ed Wray rang us on Saturday 12th. to find out if we had ordered a transformor/adaptor that we had enquired about.
We had, and whilst he was on the phone we explained the problem with the rotating baskets.
He very kindly explained to me how to rectify this problem.
I have since done this and our Barbeskew II is running to perfection.
I wish it had been around years ago as I personally have missed out a great deal.

However back to the present, wel done to all at Barbeskew with your excellent product and even better after sales service I know you will go from strength to strength.