BarbeSkew BBQ Health Benefits

There are many health risks associated with badly prepared BBQ food:

By rotating the food slowly the BarbeSkew’s unique BBQ design prevents:

  1. Burnt black food which is thought to be carcinogenic (increased risk of cancer).
  2. Undercooked food which is pink in the middle which causes food poisoning. But in addition to this, there is a health benefit associated with BarbeSkewed BBQ food:

When compared to frying food in fat in a frying pan, cooking on the BarbeSkew BBQ means the fat drops off the food ensuring there is less fat content overall making the food healthier and better for your diet. So for example, beef burgers that come out of the BarbeSkew BBQ cage are:

  1. Evenly brown the whole way round – they do not have the black lines associated with traditional barbecue (BBQ) grills and George Foreman grills.
  2. Moist, with a cotton-wool like texture (due to the rotisserie – think of rotisserie chicken from a supermarket).
  3. Have the best tasting most incredible BBQ flavour ever – barbecue flavour – not burnt flavour!