Ed Wray - The BBQ entrepeneurThe BarbeSkew is a brand new barbecue that is fundamentally different from run-of-the-mill barbecues by the fact it rotates all the food – so that nothing burns – and because nothing burns there are no black bits on your BBQed food – and because nothing burns the food gets left on longer and so there are no pink bits in the middle (raw food). You just get perfect BBQ results every time – GUARANTEED. The “hands-free” operation means the BarbeSkew can be left on its own to cook leaving you to enjoy your party more.

The whole idea for starting the business arose when Ed Wray actually went to someone else’s BBQ, and they had a small Greek Cypriot bbq that had rotating skewers. He thought the taste of the food that came from this BBQ was just phenomenal and asked where he could buy one to put in his back garden. The response was “you’ll never get your hands on one – they’re like Gold Dust”. And so it was the words “Gold Dust” that gave him the business idea!

The BarbeSkew is unique. There are no other barbecues (BBQs) on the market like it. There is effectively a gap in the market. The BarbeSkew is creating a new category/segment in the barbecue (BBQ) market, meaning it is a disruptive product that will create its own market share. And by being first to the market, the BarbeSkew has commanded all sales in this new market during 2008, and is set to continue in this way in 2009 and beyond.

In order to keep ahead of the competition and to complement the top-of-the-range charcoal and gas models, a half size and half price (charcoal) BarbeSkew II model has been launched in 2009 and looks set to capture a larger portion of the barbeque (BBQ) market.

To help raise the profile of the product, the PR campaign has so far included winning a new product award at the launch exhibition, the winning of a second award sponsored by the HSBC and the Daily Express and an appearance on the last series of Dragons’ Den. Further television PR will be targeted in 2009 along with business and product awards.