Gadget Show tries the BarbeSkew

Gadget Show’s Jason tries the BarbeSkew

Jason gets all hot and bothered whilst testing the biggest and best high-tech BBQ’s with top chef Simon Rimmer.

Last year we dropped off the BarbeSkew at the Gadget Show head-quarters in Birmingham. We think the BarbeSkew is the most “gadgety” barbecue available and in fact we will be exhibiting at the Gadget Show Live at the NEC at the beginning of April.

We agree with Phillip Schofield (See the BarbeSkew reviewed on “This Morning”) that the Landmann Geos Suspended Grill (German) is dangerous in windy conditions especially as you have to turn the food manually (quite hazardous).

The Cadac Leisure Chef (South African) is aimed more at the caravan market – it’s great to fry your bacon and eggs and is also small enough to store in your caravan. Once again we agree with Phillip Schofield that whilst it’s convenient, it does take away the whole “barbecue experience”.

The ProQ (USA) Frontier Smoker is a specialist bbq and it allows food to be smoked or steamed and is aimed at the specialist barbecuer who may have 3 or 4 barbecues in their back garden.

The Grand Hall T Grill (USA) gas bbq is a beautiful looking barbecue. There’s not many gadgets on this grill meaning it loses out on its functionality. But for £1000 you do get a very good looking barbecue.

The Weber Summit S650 is the pinnacle of outdoor grilling. In fact when Ed becomes a millionaire he’s going to buy one! The integrated sear (burn) station is a fairly new feature on gas barbecues that browns the outside of the food. We have heard a few comments from people in the last year that warn about the use of the sear station burning food on the outside whilst not being fully cooked in the middle. The Summit £2,500 S650 has actually been discontinued and has been replaced by the £3,000 Summit S670. What’s £500 between friends? Oh it’s the price of the top-of-the-range Gas BarbeSkew. No wonder we’re getting so many Weber converts that loved their Weber but prefer the BarbeSkew!

See the whole clip at: Five Fwd