BBQ Cage Skewers

Two bbq cage skewers are supplied with each BarbeSkew BBQ.  The bbq cage skewers allow you to barbecue the more traditional barbecue foods like sausages and beef burgers and also allow you to barbecue the more exciting items like steak and fish.  The two bbq cage skewers can both rotate at the same time in the two lower holes in the side skewer rack.  They should be inserted perpendicularly to each other – so if one is flat, the other one should be upright – so that they do not interfere with each other as they rotate.

Cooking Food Using the BBQ Cage Skewers

For the larger BarbeSkew BBQ’s, you can fit around 6 or 7 quarter pound beef-burgers in each bbq cage skewer (around 4 in each BarbeSkew II bbq cage skewer) meaning you can barbecue 14 beef-burgers simultaneously (8 on the BarbeSkew II bbq).  As the burgers rotate, they cook in their own juices (effectively self-basting) meaning the burgers come off the BarbeSkew moist, evenly cooked, and with the lid down, the extra moisture in the burgers absorbs all the bbq smoke giving them the most phenomenal bbq smokey flavour.

For sausages, you can line up 2 packs of 8 thick cut sausages in each bbq cage skewer and so 32 sausages can be barbecued simultaneously (24 on the BarbeSkew II bbq).  Half way through barbecuing the sausages, we recommend you turn each sausage through ninety degrees, and this then gives you the perfect result for your barbecue sausages.

Fish should be cooked without foil, as once again the rotation of the bbq cage skewers ensures the fish retains its moisture whilst also allowing the extra moisture to absorb the bbq smoke.

For steak, there is no need to sear the meat.  Searing is generally needed when steaks are barbecued on a traditional barbecue and is needed to brown the surface to seal in the juices.  With the rotation effect of the BarbeSkew bbq cage skewers, there is no need to sear the steak, as the steaks retains all its moisture from the rotation effect.  Once again, the extra moisture in the steak absorbs the bbq smoke giving you the best tasting barbecue steak ever.  What everyone wants is a juicy piece of meat, and the BarbeSkew bbq with its bbq cage skewers gives you the best juicy steak ever.


Charcoal BarbeSkew and Gas BarbeSkew BarbeSkewII
Length of bbq cage skewer: 875mm / 34.5 inches 670mm / 26.5 inches
Length of cage: 570mm / 22.5 inches 410mm / 16 inches
Width of cage: 110mm / 4.5 inches 100mm / 4 inches
Height of cage: 30mm / 1 inch 30mm / 1 inch
Material Finish of cage skewer: Chrome Plated Chrome Plated

Note: Once you start to use the bbq cages skewers to barbecue your food, you start to think “inside the cage” as opposed to “outside the cage”.  By this, we mean you start to adapt things to fit inside the bbq cage skewer, as opposed to expecting everything you have previously barbecued on a traditional grill to fit within the bbq cage skewer.


At the start of 2011, a new accessory called the Cage Skewer Cleaning Stand will be available, where two cage skewers can be inserted standing upright in what is almost like an umbrella stand.  The stand can be filled with hot water and fairy liquid and then the bbq cage skewers left to soak for around 15 minutes.  After this period, the cages can be withdrawn at which point it the debris falls off the chrome plated finish within seconds by using a standard supermarket plastic washing up brush.

Recent Modifications

  • 2009 – The spacing between the grid on the cage skewers has been reduced to meet the British Standard ensuring that thin sausages are less likely to fall through the lattice.
  • 2010 – The two original clips have been replaced with one bulldog clip which is much easier to open and close.  This change is also due on the BarbeSkew II bbq cage skewers in 2011.
  • 2010 – The bbq cage skewer hinges have been replaced with a piece of thick circular wire which is more robust that the previous hinges.  This change is also due on the BarbeSkew II bbq cage skewers in 2011.