How do I clean the cage skewers?

If you have the larger models (Charcoal & Gas), then all the accessories (apart from the cages), can NOW be placed in the dishwasher as all the handles are made of black resin and are dishwasher friendly. However the cages for the larger models are too long for the dishwasher, so use a 80cm gardening trough from any D.I.Y. store or garden centre. We find the best way to clean them is to soak the cage part of the skewer in hot soapy water and after about an hour, use a plastic washing up brush making a sweeping motion along the cages. The grime will just fall away. Please note that wire wool should not be used as it will damage the chrome plating, however a brillo pad is fine.
All accessories for the BarbeSkew II will fit in the dishwasher – good news!!