How do the BBQ skewers rotate?

There are two sets of skewers. The front set comprise 9 shorter kebab skewers, and these skewers fit into the skewer rack at the rear of the BarbeSkew BBQ, which is driven by a battery motor at the centre rear. The 9 kebab BBQ skewers are made to rotate together by a series of cogs driven by the centre cog. There are 7 kebab skewers on the BarbeSkew II.
The second set of 3 larger BBQ skewers consist of 1 long skewer with two food clamps (for chickens) and 2 BBQ cage skewers (for beef-burgers/steak/fish), and these fit into the BBQ skewer rack at the side of the BarbeSkew BBQ, which is driven by a second battery motor on the right hand side of the BarbeSkew BBQ. The BarbeSkew II is only supplied with 2 BBQ cage skewers – it is not deemed big enough to be able to bbq large whole chickens – the larger BarbeSkew’s are deemed more ideal for this. Two long skewers are available for the BarbeSkew II as an accessory but these are intended for items like Greek Souvlaki see or small joints of meat like pork, as opposed to a large chicken and not forgetting jacket potatoes which barbecue to perfection on the BarbeSkew II.