Why should I choose a rotisserie bbq over a traditional grill bbq?

Two of the common problems with traditional grill barbecues are food coming off the barbecue burnt and food coming off the barbecue pink and raw in the middle. Whilst all the traditional bbq experts will state this never happens to them, the BarbeSkew barbecue is fool-proof – you get perfect barbecue food every time – GUARANTEED – without needing a university degree in barbecuing! A further benefit due to the constant rotation is that the food is constantly self-basting and this produces moist and tender food – and the moisture absorbs the barbecue smoke giving the food the real authentic barbecue flavour. Unfortunately 95% of the UK population think that the barbecue flavour is the burnt flavour! It’s only people that experience BarbeSkewed food that know the rotisserie bbq produces the best quality barbecue food ever.