BarbeSkew – The British Barbecuing Corporation

In 2011 there is no doubt that the British public need to be patriotic and stick up for our own and take pride in all things British.

And barbecues are no different to anything else.

BarbeSkew is one of the only British barbecue grill manufacturers and it has capitalised on having a great British innovative design using rotisserie turners to ensure the food is rotated so it doesn’t burn.

The BarbeSkew was featured on Dragons’ Den and is the only rotisserie gas bbq of its kind in the world. Chefs like Jamie Oliver are at the forefront of recommending that the best barbecued food is cooked on a rotisserie barbecue, and this is because as the food rotates the food self-bastes allowing the extra juices and moisture in the food to absorb the barbecue smoke – giving an awesome authentic barbecue flavour.

As consumers venture to buy their new barbecue from their local garden centres, there are an abundance of foreign barbecues and of course when people buy these foreign barbecues, the profits made go back to their host countries. So with Weber the profits go to the United States, with Napoleon the profits go to Canada, and believe it or not with Outback the profits go to Taiwan!

Available also as a charcoal bbq in two different sizes, the BarbeSkew exceeds the high quality expectations demanded by the British public. With profits being retained in the UK, it makes the BarbeSkew the best choice of barbecue grill to buy in these times of economic recession.

So this year, when it comes to choosing your gas bbq or charcoal bbq, Support Britain, Buy British.