The McDaddy of Barbecues

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We dropped a BarbeSkew off at the Scottish TV Studios in Glasgow for the daily programme “The Hour” hosted by Michelle McManus and Joe McGann. They looked at a selection of barbecues with Australian chef Dingle.Which was their favourite barbecue? The BarbeSkew of course! They called it the “McDaddy of Barbecues”!

Dingle, the Australian Chef, classified it his favourite barbecue for technology and said it was the one he wanted to take home with him.

We’re pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the Royal Highland Show again this year so come and meet us in late June and benefit from any special show deals which are on.

The BarbeSkew – The McDaddy of Barbecues!

Click on the picture or this link to watch on the STV Player, and see the barbeque review towards the end of part 2.