Mike & Diane

Hello to you all at Barbeskew.

My Wife purchased your product (Barbeskew II) against my wishes.
I do not like barbequed food (as it tends to be burnt in places), my Wife is always worried about undercooked meat.
So a barbeque was a ridiculous item for us (so I thought)
However we tried it out last Friday (11th. September 2009) the meat was cooked beautifully
I enjoyed my very first barbeque (we are both the wrong side of 60) and my Wife had no fears of undercooked meat.

We did however have a problem with the rotating baskets catching as they rotated.
Mr. Ed Wray rang us on Saturday 12th. to find out if we had ordered a transformor/adaptor that we had enquired about.
We had, and whilst he was on the phone we explained the problem with the rotating baskets.
He very kindly explained to me how to rectify this problem.
I have since done this and our Barbeskew II is running to perfection.
I wish it had been around years ago as I personally have missed out a great deal.

However back to the present, wel done to all at Barbeskew with your excellent product and even better after sales service I know you will go from strength to strength.