Andrew Rhodes

“Charcoal and rotisserie is best”

I’ve been been barbecuing for many many years and consider myself fairly experienced. The knowledge gained has taken many many years of using different types of BBQ’s from simple charcoal grills through to more advanced charcoal BBQ’s and many different sorts of gas machines. Also of course the experience of cooking with different meats with varying fat content takes time and in the early years, burnt food!
I have now been using the Barbeskew for a year and this machine has everything. Quite simply, good meat cooked over charcoal, cannot be beaten but the Barbeskew has some tricks to ensure you don’t ruin the meat. Being able to raise and lower the charcoal tray to vary the heat and stop the meat getting flamed is brilliant, the rotisserie system with 3 positions gives additional adjustment and then being able to shut the lid to smoke the meat, delivers a brilliant combination of all the things you need to ensure quality cooking.
Of course there is also nothing like it for your guests to come to a BBQ and see a beautiful piece of meat, on a rotisserie basting in its own juices. Quite simply a 5 star machine and a 5 star experience for all.