Healthy Eating

You are all probably feeling the effects after the festivities of all that turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes, Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, and those post Christmas gatherings, with yet more food and alcohol. You’re now feeling bloated, over-weight and in great need of some healthier eating for the New Year!!

Worry not, because although it may be winter, you can still release that BarbeSkew from under its cover or out of the shed! Yes a barbecue grill with a rotisserie is the way forward for healthier eating. It’s not all about beef burgers, sausages and ribs.

If your first thoughts are high-calorie, high-fat sausages and burgers – don’t fret! Chicken, fish, vegetables and even fruit are delicious cooked on the BarbeSkew!

BarbeSkew – The British Barbecuing Corporation

In 2011 there is no doubt that the British public need to be patriotic and stick up for our own and take pride in all things British.

And barbecues are no different to anything else.

BarbeSkew is one of the only British barbecue grill manufacturers and it has capitalised on having a great British innovative design using rotisserie turners to ensure the food is rotated so it doesn’t burn.

BBQ Cage Skewers

Two bbq cage skewers are supplied with each BarbeSkew BBQ.  The bbq cage skewers allow you to barbecue the more traditional barbecue foods like sausages and beef burgers and also allow you to barbecue the more exciting items like steak and fish.  The two bbq cage skewers can both rotate at the same time in the two lower holes in the side skewer rack.  They should be inserted perpendicularly to each other – so if one is flat, the other one should be upright – so that they do not interfere with each other as they rotate.

Evolution of the barbecue

The graphic on the home page of the BarbeSkew bbq website shows our new logo depicting the evolution of the barbecue.

The left hand side picture shows the evolution from ape to stone-age man who skewered his meat and rotated it manually over an open fire.

The middle picture depicts a traditional kettle barbecue – “In the old days, people had to actually stand next to their barbecue and turn the food manually leaving them stinking of smoke and keeping them away from all the party guests”

Finally on the right hand side we reach the BarbeSkew bbq: “Now, the future of barbecues is here. This motorised rotisserie bbq rotates the food constantly ensuring you create the best barbecue food time after time!”

BarbeSkew BBQ Health Benefits

There are many health risks associated with badly prepared BBQ food:

By rotating the food slowly the BarbeSkew’s unique BBQ design prevents:

  1. Burnt black food which is thought to be carcinogenic (increased risk of cancer).
  2. Undercooked food which is pink in the middle which causes food poisoning. But in addition to this, there is a health benefit associated with BarbeSkewed BBQ food:

When compared to frying food in fat in a frying pan, cooking on the BarbeSkew BBQ means the fat drops off the food ensuring there is less fat content overall making the food healthier and better for your diet. So for example, beef burgers that come out of the BarbeSkew BBQ cage are:

  1. Evenly brown the whole way round – they do not have the black lines associated with traditional barbecue (BBQ) grills and George Foreman grills.
  2. Moist, with a cotton-wool like texture (due to the rotisserie – think of rotisserie chicken from a supermarket).
  3. Have the best tasting most incredible BBQ flavour ever – barbecue flavour – not burnt flavour!

Charcoal or Gas BarbeSkew

While some barbecuers enjoy the more hands-on approach of firing-up a charcoal BarbeSkew, others prefer the ease of use and temperature control that the gas BarbeSkew provides. Taste tests have shown that there is no discernable difference in the flavour produced by either barbecue type, so here we take a look at the pros and cons of gas and charcoal to help you decide which BarbeSkew is right for you.


Ed Wray - The BBQ entrepeneurThe BarbeSkew is a brand new barbecue that is fundamentally different from run-of-the-mill barbecues by the fact it rotates all the food – so that nothing burns – and because nothing burns there are no black bits on your BBQed food – and because nothing burns the food gets left on longer and so there are no pink bits in the middle (raw food). You just get perfect BBQ results every time – GUARANTEED. The “hands-free” operation means the BarbeSkew can be left on its own to cook leaving you to enjoy your party more.

The whole idea for starting the business arose when Ed Wray actually went to someone else’s BBQ, and they had a small Greek Cypriot bbq that had rotating skewers. He thought the taste of the food that came from this BBQ was just phenomenal and asked where he could buy one to put in his back garden. The response was “you’ll never get your hands on one – they’re like Gold Dust”. And so it was the words “Gold Dust” that gave him the business idea!

The BarbeSkew is unique. There are no other barbecues (BBQs) on the market like it. There is effectively a gap in the market. The BarbeSkew is creating a new category/segment in the barbecue (BBQ) market, meaning it is a disruptive product that will create its own market share. And by being first to the market, the BarbeSkew has commanded all sales in this new market during 2008, and is set to continue in this way in 2009 and beyond.

In order to keep ahead of the competition and to complement the top-of-the-range charcoal and gas models, a half size and half price (charcoal) BarbeSkew II model has been launched in 2009 and looks set to capture a larger portion of the barbeque (BBQ) market.

To help raise the profile of the product, the PR campaign has so far included winning a new product award at the launch exhibition, the winning of a second award sponsored by the HSBC and the Daily Express and an appearance on the last series of Dragons’ Den. Further television PR will be targeted in 2009 along with business and product awards.