Deluxe Stainless Steel Gas BarbeSkew
World’s only Stainless Gas Rotisserie BBQ
gas barbecue
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Classic Gas BarbeSkew
World’s only Gas Rotisserie BBQ
gas barbecue

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Relax or use as a traditional Barbecue

Classic Charcoal BarbeSkew

No need for anyone to have to keep on turning the food – the BarbeSkew does the job for you meaning you can sit down and relax and enjoy the occasion! But of course, if you like turning the food yourself – the BarbeSkew allows you to both grill traditionally and use half of the kebab skewers at the same time.


Classic Charcoal BarbeSkew

All the kebabs/chicken/beef-burgers rotate automatically by two separate motors ensuring the food is cooked evenly without the usual burning that happens on traditional barbecues.

Moist and succulent BBQ food

Classic Charcoal BarbeSkew

The rotation effect ensures the food is self-basting meaning the food comes off the BarbeSkew moist and juicy. It is the moisture in othe food that absorbs the smoke giving the food the real authentic smokey barbecue flavour.